Principles of Med Lab Science Practice I (Intro to Med lab Safety and Waste Management)

This course is designed to introduce to students the fundamental principles and concepts of Medical Technology education and profession clinical laboratory and pathology services, clinical laboratory biosafety, risk assessment and waste management practices. Professional practice issues and the historical foundations of the profession are also discussed.

Analysis of Urine and Body Fluids

The course deals with the study of the gross, chemical and microscopic analyses of the different body fluids other than blood. It includes the importance of these body fluids to body processes; the principles of the analytical procedures; interpretation of results and clinical significance of the physiologically important substances found in these body fluids. Quality assurance and Laboratory safety are also given emphasis.

Laboratory Management

This course deals with the basic concepts of management as applied in administrative aspects of laboratory operations. Specifically, it deals with planning, organizing, leading, directing, controlling/evaluating the human, physical, and financial resources of the clinical laboratory. Emphasis is also given on quality systems and safety.