Hebrew 2 (Tutorial)

Hebrew II sequels Hebrew I. It is a the three-unit course designed to provide students with the knowledge of the basic grammar for Classical Hebrew. The course studies the Hebrew verbs and conjugations, and their derived stems.

RAA Revelation and Inspiration

This course is designed to introduce and explore the theology of the Bible. The current discussion on the issue and debate concerning inspiration and revelation is addressed. The course will utilize biblical, theological, and historical approaches to build an understanding of the theology of the Bible.

RAC Christology, Soteriology and Anthropology

This course is a study of the doctrine of Christology, Anthropology, and Soteriology from a biblicaltheological, and historical perspective.  The course will introduce a general Christian understanding and giving emphasis to the Seventh-day Adventist perspectives. 

RAF Studies in Soteriology

This course explores the doctrine of salvation from a Biblical, Historical, theological vantage point. This course will hight the Seventh-day Adventist perspective on soteriology. 

RBD New Testament Greek Grammar

This class is an introduction to New Testament Greek Grammar. This is a cursory study intended for beginners in New Testament Greek that introduces the significant categories of grammar: nouns, pronouns, articles, adjectives, and verbs.

RCC Church Leadership & Administration

This course deals with leadership in the church. It is expected that the whole semester of classroom experience will teach and train our students to be able to understand the role of leaders in the Seventh day Adventist Church in the fulfillment of the gospel commission given by Jesus Christ to his church.