LBB History of the English Language

This course explains the external (historical, political, cultural forces) and internal (changes in the language features) histories of the English Language.

ELS Advanced English Grammar for Theologians

Course Description: This course focuses on the  study of the higher level of English sentence structures and their components according to the                                              principles of linguistic science.

Course Objectives: To develop the students’ ability/skill in using the meta-language of English grammar with ease and to help them explain the                                               forms and meaningful uses of these grammatical elements.

LAJ Biblical Literature

Course Description

Biblical Literature examines the major stories, poetry, parables, and wisdom literature in the Bible by focusing on the literary devices employed by the authors and cultural contexts.  This course is not meant to teach any particular doctrine or to enter into theological or religious debates, but rather to help the students appreciate more the biblical genres to which so many other references are made in literature, theater, music, and art.


Course Outcomes

The by the end of the course the students shall have: 

1. Employed the elements of a short story in understanding and interpreting Biblical narratives;

2. Demonstrated in-depth analysis of biblical poetry.

3. Evaluated the Bible’s literary qualities within their original cultural contexts.

4. Identified a range of literary devices used in the Bible with supporting texts;

5. Demonstrated knowledge of the history and culture of the places/times that produced said pieces; and

6. Analyzed wisdom literature, parables, proverbs, and letters.

LDF Language and Power

This course explores the role of language in articulating, maintaining, and subverting power relations in society. Drawing from Communication Studies and Applied Linguistics, the course provides students with the tools to uncover, describe, and critically analyze the various (strategic) biases in language that create and reinforce power asymmetries in society.

LDE Communication Arts (TTH 9:00-10:30)

This is a three-unit course designed to strengthen the students’ foundation of the basic English language grammar.