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AFA - Cost Accounting and Control

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This introductory taxation course is primarily concerned with Income Taxation. It deals with the basic principles and rules of the income tax system in the Philippines.

At the end of the course, the students will be able to:

1. Understand the basic principles, rules and theories of taxation system of the Philippines.

2. Enumerate the kinds of taxes according to its categories; kinds of taxpayers; kinds of taxable income and deductible expenses.

3. Know the remedies available in case of disputes.

4. File Income Tax Returns.

5. Appreciate the tax system of the Republic of the Phils.  

Accounting Information System_1st Sem

AJA -  Accounting Information System - MW 1:30 - 3:00pm                                                  

This course is designed to provide Accounting Information System students with basic knowledge of the design, operations, risks, and controls of accounting information systems (AIS).  Emphasis is placed on financial transaction cycles and core business processes vis-à-vis risks and controls involved in the processing of accounting information in a computerized environment.  This course also covers analysis of the current issues in accounting systems that have business implications and ethical considerations. The students learn about the development standards and practices for accounting information systems and gain hands-on experience in, the use of electronic spreadsheet software for advanced business analysis, and to gain hands-on experience with a commercial accounting software package. The course familiarizes students with the overall data flow systems emphasizing financial information and computerized systems for accounting.  It covers discussion on basic client server technology and security for electronic transactions, general and application processing controls, and various types of electronic systems used for transaction processing.  It will develop in the students the ability to identify active and passive threats to information systems and an understanding of the risks associated with the various transaction cycles and recognize the controls that reduce risks.