NCM 100 - NTA [Theoretical Foundation in Nursing]

This 3 units course deals with the meta-concepts of a person, health, environments, and nursing as viewed by the different theorists. Likewise, it includes non-nursing theories such as systems, developmental and change theories. It presents how these concepts and theories serve as a guide to nursing practice.


This is an introductory course intended to equip the nursing students with concepts, principles, principles in research starting from an overview of the major phases, of the research process. The course will include discussion from formulation to the dissemination of research findings. Focus on the formulation of a research problem to the selection of the research design, planning and choosing an appropriate research design, planning and choosing the appropriate research tool for data gathering.  This course will require the student or group to present a research proposal in a colloquium with the application of knowledge and demonstration of skills and attitude in the conceptual, design, and planning phases of the research process.