Grade 11/12 STEM - Earth Science

Core Subject Description:
This learning area is designed to provide a general background for the understanding of the Earth on a planetary scale. It presents the history of the Earth through geologic time. It discusses the Earth’s structure and composition, the processes that occur beneath and on the Earth’s surface, as well as issues, concerns, and problems pertaining to Earth’s resources
Teacher: Ivy Tanamal

Grade 12 - Personal Development

Course Description

         This course makes senior high school students aware of the developmental stage that they are in, for them to better understand themselves and the significant people around them as they make important career decisions as adolescents. The course consists of modules, each of which addresses a key concern in personal development. Using the experiential learning approach, each module invites students to explore specific themes in their development. Personal reflections, sharing, and lectures help reveal and articulate relevant concepts, theories, and tools in different areas in psychology.

Content Standard

The learners demonstrate an understanding of...

  • himself/herself during middle and late adolescence
  • the various aspects of holistic development: physiological, cognitive, psychological, spiritual, and social development
  • the skills and tasks appropriate for middle and late adolescence, and preparatory to early adulthood.
  • the developmental changes in middle and late adolescence, and expectations of and from adolescents
  • stress and its sources; various stress responses; and coping strategies for healthful living in middle and late adolescence
  • the whole brain theory, or two hemispheres of the brain: artistic (right-brain dominant) and linear (left-brain dominant)
  • the concepts about mental health and well being in middle and late adolescence
  • the different types of emotions and how they are expressed
  • the dynamics of attraction, love, and commitment
  • the concepts about social influence, group leadership and followership
  • the impact of one’s family on his/her personal development during middle and late adolescence
  • the concepts of career development, life goals, and personal factors influencing career choices
  • the external factors influencing career choices
  • his/her personal development as an important component of setting career and life goals


The learners shall be able to...

  • conduct self-exploration and simple disclosure
  • illustrate the connections between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in a person’s holistic development
  • make a list of ways to become responsible adolescents prepared for adult life
  • clarify and manage the demands of the teen years (middle and late adolescence)
  • identify personal ways of coping for healthful living
  • identify ways to improve learning using both the left and right brain
  • identify his/her own vulnerabilities and make a plan on how to stay mentally healthy
  • identify ways to communicate and manage emotions in a healthy manner
  • appraise one’s present relationships and make plans for building responsible future relationships
  • identify the different roles of leaders and followers in society
  • identify the firm and gentle sides of family care that affect a person’s development during middle and late adolescence
  • set a personal career goal based on the results of self assessment of various personal factors
  • make a career plan based on his/her personal goal, and external factors influencing career choices
  • analyze and synthesize his/her personal development as an important component of setting career and life goals
Teacher: Dale Dariagan

Grade 12 - Introduction to the Philosophy of the Human Person

This course investigates fundamental questions regarding the nature, value, and capacities of the human person and serves also as an introduction to the discipline and subject matter of philosophy.