Grade 8 - Technology and Livelihood Education

TLE program for Grade 8 equips every student with the basic learning competencies namely; the: 1) use and maintenance of tools and equipment; 2) mensuration and calculation; 3) making work plans and drawings; and occupational health and safety procedures. 

            These basic learning competencies allow the grade 8 students to gain basic knowledge and understanding of each of the exploratory courses, which will later allow them to choose and specialize on one course in grade 9 to 10.

            TLE is geared towards the development of technological proficiency and is anchored on knowledge and information, entrepreneurial concepts, process and delivery, work values and life skills.  It is built on adequate mastery of knowledge and information, skills and processes, acquisition of right work values and life skills; b.) Equip students with skills for lifelong learning; and c). is founded on cognitive, behavioral or psychomotor and affective dimensions of human development.

Grade Level Standards:

            At the end of Grade 8, the learner is expected to acquire functional knowledge, understanding, and skills focusing on basic competencies, which include use and maintenance of tools and equipment, mensuration and calculation, occupational health and safety, and preparation and interpretation of technical drawings in the selected courses in the areas of Home Economics, Industrial Arts, Agriculture, and Entrepreneurship.


Teacher: Gina Lucagbo

Grade 8 - Values Education

This course is a comprehensive study of basic Christianity emphasizing Christian growth. It also takes the students through Seventh-day Adventist beliefs and practical life applications that draw the students to become like Jesus.