Mountain View College (or MVC) is a private, co-educational, Seventh-day Adventist college in Valencia, Bukidnon, Philippines which was established in 1949. It was the second Adventist college to be established in the Philippines and the first in Mindanao. It is a part of the Seventh-day Adventist education system, the world's second largest Christian school system

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Major System Maintenance and Upgrade

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START:  June 9, 2021

END:  June 13, 2021

Please make necessary adjustments on your classes! 
To teachers please backup your course!

MVC Online Learning (MOLe) Moodle App for Android now available!

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Now Available in Google Play

MOLe (MVC Online Learning) Moodle application allows the student and teachers to access and work on their enrolled courses online.

With this application you can:
- Access the course content and download it for offline consultation.
- Receive instant notifications of messages and other events.
- Check the grades obtained in the activities carried out.
- Participate in the discussions of the forums.
- View calendar events.
- And much more!

Download the application and access your enrolled courses.

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VitalSource Digital Library

VitalSource is an online bookshelf program that is used to access eBooks for your courses. Within this software, you can download, access, and read your course materials. You are also able to access your eBooks on-the-go by downloading the VitalSource app to your mobile device or tablet.

MVC Online Learning Tutorial for High School

This is an MVC Online Learning Tutorial Course for College students enrolled in Online Distance Learning for Summer 2020. 

Thesis Advising Training Course

A modular approach in Thesis Advising. Participants will learn skills associated with thesis advising. It will cover choosing research topics; finding research gaps; reviewing the literature; choosing research approaches, designs, and methods; and interpreting results. 

MVC Academy Moodle Tutorial

This is a Moodle Tutorial course for MVC Academy Teachers. Have a great online teaching experience!

Introduction to Agriculture

This course is introductory to agriculture courses, where basic principles in agriculture are discussed. student learn about the wide scope of agriculture, explore the variety of agricultural production and products which they use in their daily lives.

Gurò: Ivy Oyao

Agriculture - Introduction to Agriculture

this course is introductory to agriculture courses, where basic principles in agriculture are discussed. student learn about the wide scope of agriculture, explore the variety of agricultural production and products which they use in their daily lives. 

Gurò: Ivy Oyao

Principles of Crop Protection

Identification, biology and ecology of different pests and their natural enemies.


Principles of Breeding, Physiology and Nutrition in relation to production, processing and marketing of animal products. 


This covered on feeding, breeding, and nutrition of dairy animals. Topics includes the production, processing, and marketing of milks, as well as an overview of dairy farm facilities and herd improvement through sound management and applied genetics improvement.


Inspection of live animals; Proper slaughter and flaying; dressing poultry; fabrication and carcass evaluation; processing of meat, poultry products and milks.

GAW Principle and Practices of Animal Breeding

These covered to the improvement breeding of farm animals leading to production, resistant to diseases, and have a physical improvement. it also tackles the principles and practices of breeding animals

TUTORIAL - Postharvest Handling and Seed Technology

Postharvest technology of handling and storage of agriculture crops and the science and technology of seed production, processing, storage, testing, and quality control.

TUTORIAL - Prin. and Practices of Plant Breeding, Propagation, & NM

Principles and practices of underlying the development, evaluation, propagation ad management of improved crop plants and the care and management of plant nurseries.

GBH Fundamentals of Agricultural Engineering

The course focuses on Hydrology, irrigation, and drainage; soil and water conservation engineering; weather elements, climate classification, crop, and livestock environment.

GBB Biotechnology and Society

Biotechnology technology subject focus on biotechnology and its techniques, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) regulatory procedures; biotechnology products labeling and their impacts to humans and the environment (biosafety); intellectual property rights and international and local regulations affecting biotechnology.

TUTORIAL - Legumes and Root Crop Production

It deals the study of the principles and cultural practices of common leguminous crops and root crops. This is a 3 unit course – with lectures and laboratory class every week.

Tutorial - General Physiology and Toxicology

It deals with the study of chemical and physical properties of pesticides, their behavior, and biological impact, and comparative physiological and functional mechanism of pest groups.